How we're achieving brilliant NPS and great technology adoption

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

1) Create a distinct eye-catching internal brand, so communications, posters, training, roll-out schedules were all instantly recognisable.

2) Store all information online. Our SharePoint information portal boasted over 100 pages of how-tos. We could instantly update pages and add content as we received feedback.

3) Kit Kats! When a user was upgraded, the engineer handed them a Kit Kat and told them to take a break. Water-cooler conversations are about Kit Kats, not about how annoying it was to re-do your Outlook signature.

4) Real-time dashboard reporting. I'm an Excel ninja. Creating a single-source-of-truth real-time dashboard meant we could always report progress to SteerCo. Being Agile and quickly ditching what didn't work was pivotal.

5) Our most significant success was the tip of the day. After upgrading each user is sent automatically sent a Windows Tip of the day to drip feed productivity tips. I did a bit of Outlook VBA wizardry, so this happens automatically. Huge Win, little effort. Supporting the often forgotten R for re-enforcement in ADKAR. #changemanagment #Windows10#upgrades

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