The grown up way to manage change resistance

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

“Could we have different chairs?" “Can you upgrade us last?” “Can you tailor our training?”

Through your impact analysis and Change communications, you’ll experience resistance and push-back.

As a Change manager, what is the best way to handle resistance?

I recently read an article suggesting a credible leader should never say “It’s not my decision”.

I believe that is EXACTLY what a good Change Manager should say.

The project team is not usually able to authorise changes to project scope and delivery. In most cases, these decisions are made at the SteerCo meeting.

As a Change Manager, I’m honest and transparent about this. I always take the time to understand the reasons behind their request or resistance fully. When you have a full understanding, you can present their case to the SteerCo, for their decision.

I always highlight any potential impact of decisions made, and I often offer several options, along with my recommendation, and my reason for the suggestion. The decision, however, sits with the SteerCo.

Whatever the outcome, I’ll then relay the discussion back to the original requestor. If the answer to the original request is “no” It’s essential that they know their request/objections were considered and that they understand WHY their application has been denied.

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