A very important stakeholder in your change and project planning

The change manager designs the way information is served and consumed in a project rollout. I urge you to take steps to reduce waste and environmental impact in your roll-outs. We must all adopt an environmentally friendly mindset in everything we do.

Here are five ideas you can campaign for in your next Change Management plan.

1) Host training material online.

Avoid printing. I create SharePoint training sites as one stop shops for the whole project. A single source of truth that is easily updated, instantly.

2) Train virtually, don’t fly. Create training videos, run webinars. If face to face training is necessary then train superusers to deploy locally.Remove plastic water bottles from training rooms. A jug of waster in entirely adequate.

3) Don’t order water in bottles at lunchtime either.Re-thing project "celebration gifts". No-one needs another stress ball, mousemat or pen that will end up in the bin.

4) Provide a re-usable water bottle or a keep-cup.

5) Ensure any equipment is recycled. Particularly IT equipment.

What other ways can you suggest to be environmentally friendly in your Change Management deployment plans?

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