Monthly Theme


Inspired by the book by James Clear in February we'll be working on embedding habits to help us reach our goals.

We've LOVED the book and have already started to implement some of the recommendations with great success.

Clear recommends the best way to embed habits and be successful is to surround yourself with like-minded people who will motivate you to achieve your goals. Good news! That's us.  


FIVE to follow

Swap pointless social media scrolling for LinkedIn learning and personal brand promotion.


Read, comment and share great articles to promote your personal brand and stimulate the grey matter.

Five posters of inspirational content to fill up your LI newsfeed.

Harvard Business Review

Thrive Global

Forbes Magazine

Gary Vaynerchuk

Brene Brown


We share great articles on the Your Wavelength page, so make sure you follow us there too.





Atomic Habits

Improve by 1% each day and you'll have improved 37% by the end of the year.

The inspiration for our monthly theme - Atomic Habits. Not a reader? Watch a talk by James Clear. Jordi loves audio books, give it try!

The Miracle Morning

The successful implementation of habits often starts, or fails with how you spend the first hour of your day. Turn yourself into a 5.30am powerhouse and set yourself up for success, everyday.


listen and dance

Pump up the volume and Power your morning walk, better still, leave your desk at lunchtime and play our monthly inspirational girl power Spotify list.

Lady Marmalade

Girl on Fire

Give me Everything


Give it 2 Me

Morn this Way

Don't Stop Me Now

Can't Hold Us

Independent Woman

Only Girl

Let's Get Loud

Worth It

Can't hold us Down

That's my Girl


Get it here


four to watch

Who doesn't love a TED talk. 17 minutes or less, of amazing content from the best of the best. Set yourself a goal to watch at least one a week. Here's a few great classics to get you started.

Amy Cuddy - your body language may shape who you are.

Watch Here

Mel Robbins - How to stop screwing yourself over

Watch Here

Elizabeth Gilbert - Your elusive creative genius

Watch Here

Anne-Marie Slaughter - Can we have it all?

Watch here

Soraya Chemaly - The Power of women's anger

Watch it here