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Because there's no point being fabulous on your own


Because there is a lack of opportunities for women like you to connect with other women…you know..on your wavelength. Ambitious, hard-working go-getters like you. Who are bursting with potential and sick of people standing in the way of their spotlight.

There are many reasons you might need to network with women on your wavelength, whatever your reasons, we’re here - you found your tribe. Because there's no point being fabulous on your own.



Wavelength is for ambitious go-getting women. Project Managers, Change Professionals, Leaders in IT, Academics, Business Owners, Lawyers, Accountants.  Wavelength is where you come and talk to women who had a tough time in meetings today or need advice on how to manage your boss.


This is the place where people understand what challenges you’ve had in your day, and support your drive to succeed.  Wavelength is run by Sharon Connolly, Jordana Brumby and Nicole Harlow. Three corporate executives who bring a very colourful and varied set of experiences to share with you.



We host three events every month. A goal setting breakfast, sunset cocktails, and a supper club. These take place on the same day every month. Book the dates in your calendar now.  Make your personal development (and sanity) a priority.


Your busy schedule and hectic life mean you won’t be able to attend them all, but if you really want to build a great network, consistency is key.



Breakfast takes place in the Garden Bar at the Establishment on George Street. Supper Club and networking drinks will be in different locations each month, giving us an opportunity to sample some of Sydney's most beautiful bars and restaurants.

In 2020 we'll also be collaborating with some great sponsors to bring you an exciting and varied calendar of events.


Head over to the events page and book your first event now. Signing up as a member gives you a 40% discount on most events, and there will soon be some members only events.

We're new, and still working on some of the AWESOME events and material we plan to offer, so in 2020 our regular membership fee of $289 is reduced to $100, for the first one hundred members to sign up. What are you waiting for?


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There's always time for conversation, coffee and cake, send a text or drop us an email. 

Your Wavelength is based on face-to-face networking. We think you'll have enough zoom calls every day.We look forward to seeing you when we're back to normal. Stay Safe. Membership fees will be extended to cover the time we're offline. Stay Safe everyone

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