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the new networking company for




in Sydney


Because there is a lack of opportunities for women like you to connect with other women…you know..on your wavelength. Hardworking women in senior positions who understand the challenges you face every day.

There are many reasons you might need to network with women on your wavelength, whatever your reasons, we’re here. Because there's no point being fabulous on your own.


Wavelength is for ambitious go-getting women. Project Managers, Change Professionals, Leaders in IT, Academics, Lawyers, Accountants. . Wavelength is where you come and talk to women who had a tough time in meetings today or need advice on how to manage your boss.


This is the place where people understand what challenges you’ve had in your day, and support your drive to succeed. Membership will be limited to 100.


Wavelength aims to host three to five events every month. A goal setting breakfast, a lunch an learn, casual networking drinks, and a business reading book club and a webinar.


Your busy schedule and hectic life mean you won’t be able to attend them all, but consistency is key.


If you really want to make meaningful relationships and build a support network you need to connect with people more than once a quarter. You’ll also be able to network online.


Some events, such as our monthly breakfast, and book club will be held at the same location each month.


Others, such as our networking drinks will be in different locations each month, giving us an opportunity to sample some of Sydney's most beautiful bars and restaurants.

Wavelength is new. We need to establish and grow our network and find out the best ways to add value to our membership.At the moment Wavelength is completly free. You’ll just pay the cost price of any food or drinks. After that yearly membership will be from $395, with different tiers so you can decide what commitment is right for you.


So, all you need to do now, is head over to the events page and sign up and pay for your first event. We look forward to seeing you.